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Wildlife Conservation


Research programs at Assiniboine Park Zoo are aimed to support the betterment of wildlife in captivity and to assist conservation efforts in the wild. Researchers at the Leatherdale International Polar Bear Conservation Centre (IPBCC) are engaged in a number of exciting and valuable research projects that will continue to expand our collective knowledge and understanding of the amazing animals with whom we share our planet!

Current projects include:

  • Polar Bear Denning Study, which aims to provide northern communities with scientific tools for monitoring polar bear denning sites within their traditional hunting areas.
  • Fine Scale Genetic Structure in Polar Bears, research that uses genetics and GPS locations to examine which types of bears are closer or farther away from each other, in order to better understand their social structures.
  • Beluga Bits, which seeks to combine the use of citizen science and non-invasive techniques to learn more about beluga whales in the Churchill River estuary. Click here to learn more about Beluga Bits and help our scientists to classify beluga images.

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At Assiniboine Park Zoo we're passionate about conservation! Our initiatives are focused in three areas: species conservation, habitat conservation and resource conservation. Our goal is to educate Zoo visitors and the community through conservation action and education and inspire them to value wild things and wild places. This will ultimately help to conserve animals and their habitats. 

Some initiatives we participate in:

  • Poweshiek Skipperling Head-Start Project
  • Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program
  • Species Survival Plan Programs (SSP)
  • Saving Animals from Extinction (SAFE)

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Here at Assiniboine Park and Zoo we strive to be leaders in sustainable park operations. Over the last few years, Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC) has implemented an environmental plan that entails green house keeping practices, efficient energy and water management, sustainable purchasing, low impact fleet and transportation as well as many other components. 

Key aspects of APC's environment plan include:

  • LEED certification
  • Use of Geothermal Energy

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