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Leisure activities for seniors


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Leisure activities for seniors

Our Association is a non-profit organization aimed at improving the quality of life of people with a significant loss of autonomy and housed in CHSLDs. The majority of our budget comes from this annual fundraising campaign. Our budget is very limited while the needs of the 150 mostly elderly residents of the accommodation center are increasingly varied and important.

We strive to offer them the best of ourselves at all times. However, on certain occasions, we would like to be able to better meet their expectations. For example, it is particularly important for residents to highlight annual themed holidays (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, etc.) as well as their birthdays. In addition, during certain weekly activities, gifts are given among the participants.

Thus, your monetary donations contribute directly to the realization of leisure activities for residents, in particular the presence of musicians during the monthly festivals or a troubadour in the rooms, etc. Likewise, your gift giving brings great joy on their birthday or during any other activities. We also accept gift certificates.

Did you know that the contribution of the Volunteer Association represents:

ö a musician for an individual visit to all residents in their room: allocation of a budget of $200

ö a musician performing at the establishment: a fee of $300

ö an adapted bus, as part of an outing: an expense of more than $1000

ö the purchase of themed decorations during the holiday season and gifts for residents: an expense of nearly $1,500

Respectively, this is why today we are appealing to your great generosity.