Environmental Health Association of Quebec

Registered Name: Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec (ASEQ)

Business Number: 810116624RR0001

Our Mission 

Together, we strive to have Environmental Sensitivities recognized as a health condition because people suffering with such conditions deserve to receive appropriate treatment and social services in Quebec.  

About Environmental Health Association of Quebec 

ASEQ-EHAQ is a group that has been built and run by volunteers who strongly believe in the necessity for change with regards to environmental sensitivities (ES). We constantly see the deplorable: people misunderstood and marginalized, all because they have lost tolerance for chemicals commonly encountered in the myriad of products that are used, by mould, by electromagnetic radiation, etc. This in turn leads to loss of EMPLOYMENT and sometimes loss of housing, family and their support system.

Over the years, membership has grown to more than 1,700 and is continually increasing. Among ASEQ-EHAQ’s many tasks, priority has always been given to providing members with support and help. This has been a challenging and often difficult task, since the group is almost exclusively run by volunteers, some of whom suffer from ES.

To fulfill a desperate need for affordable healthy housing and to provide credible information on ES, we have been working on projects related to housing and education. 

What People Are Saying 

“Luckily, I heard about the Environmental Health Association of Quebec (ASEQ-EHAQ), and the first time I needed them, they came through for me in the most spectacular and life-altering way. In despair, I called ASEQ-EHAQ and explained my situation. ASEQ-EHAQ answered and immediately went into full problem-solving mode. ”
Angela Monserrate

“They helped with information on mould and how I could get the house tested and safely cleaned. How to be aware of food intolerances and avoid these foods. And much more… My long, slow process of healing began, thanks to ASEQ-EHAQ. ASEQ-EHAQ has been a life saver for many. I am one of the grateful ones! Thank you ASEQ-EHAQ! ”
Marlene Higgins

“To have answers regarding my health, I had to question people outside the medical setting. My search led to ASEQ-EHAQ. With the experience and knowledge, they had, they examined my entire environment and identified possible triggers that were targeted for removal. That is why I sincerely believe that ASEQ-EHAQ plays a key role in our health. ”
Mélanie Labonté

“When I heard the words “you have friends here” from the people working at the Association, it was as if someone had just thrown me a lifeline in a very turbulent sea. ASEQ-EHAQ was the beacon of hope for me. The Association listened, validated my experience, answered innumerable questions and saw me as a person rather than a source of problems. ”
Paula McKeown

Your donation is an act of trust. It is an incredible expression of your belief in the value of our work, which continuously offers dignity, comfort, respect and support to those in need every day. Your gift is an acknowledgement that we are making a difference. It signals your confidence in our ability and commitment to help ease suffering and preserve human dignity.

Thank you for your support!

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