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The Association

AQSP (the Québec palliative care association) is a non-profit organization that mobilizes doctors, health professionals, volunteers and the public at large for access to quality palliative care everywhere in Québec. Our association gather 600 members. It is a network of stakeholders, volunteers and professionals, united to form a multidisciplinary team, which includes the patients and their family.

Our mission

To be a forum for exchange, dialogue, reflection, and information, for stakeholders, volunteers, professionals and the community in terms of dissemination, promotion, training, support and research in palliative care.

Our vision

To provide efficient and respected leadership on the development and organizations of palliative care services in Québec.

Our activities

Providing an Annual Congress on palliative care: Each year we organize a palliative care congress to train and inform doctors and other health professionals as well as volunteers.

Informing the public at large: Throughout the year we provide information to members of the public on palliative care and existing community resources with our website, our biannual magazine and our social media networks.

Supporting research: We support research in palliative care through our annual grant and through the dissemination of research results.

Disseminating training opportunities in palliative care: We disseminate information about training opportunities for healthcare professionals and volunteers through our website and our monthly newsletter.

Working together to improve access to palliative care: We cooperate with decision makers and other palliative care organizations in order to promote access to quality palliative care across Québec

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