Registered Name: Asthma Society of Canada / Société canadienne de l'asthme

Business Number: 898537048RR0001

Our Mission

Our vision at the Asthma Society of Canada is to empower every child and adult in Canada with asthma to live an active and symptom-free life.

Mission: We are the balanced voice for asthma in Canada, advancing optimal self-management, prevention, research and health care.

  • We help patients to take control of their symptoms by providing the credible and leading edge information, guidance and education they need to live their lives symptom free.
  • We lead and advocate for the best interests of Canadians with asthma through effective collaboration with policy-makers, researchers and health care providers.

About Our Charity

There are approximately 3 million Canadians with asthma. Asthma is a respiratory disease that can lead to emergency room visits, hospitalizations and sometimes death. Research indicates that 60-80% of Canadians with asthma have poor control of their disease. This means that 1.5-2.5 million people are at risk of experiencing a severe asthma attack, and they are not aware of the risk.

The Asthma Society of Canada (ASC) is a national charitable volunteer-supported organization solely devoted to enhancing the quality of life and health for people living with Asthma, Associated Allergies and COPD through education and research. Since its inception in 1974, the ASC provides a variety of asthma education and awareness programs, funds many research projects (to gain a better understanding of the disease and how it can be better managed) and has gained a reputation for providing high quality Asthma education and information to Canadian asthma consumers.

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