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Atken Armenian Foundation

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Atken Armenian Foundation


The Atken Armenian Foundation (AAF) was created in 2009 soon after the passing of Dr. Atken Armenian – Armenian-Canadian educator, humanitarian and music lover who spent the last 14 years of his life in Armenia. Our mission is to continue his charitable work in Armenia, the most cherished being to create opportunities for students, families, and communities in need. He helped hundreds of individuals in Armenia and has a permanent place in the memory of many.


The Foundation’s mission is to contribute to Armenia’s development through cultural and economic development initiatives. Board members include professional musicians, development specialists, businesspersons and devoted administrators. Progress is monitored closely and the results already show. Our goal is to set up sustainable/enduring programs in all the regions of Armenia, including Artsakh.


We establish mechanisms that provide high-quality music education in remote regions of Armenia. In the process, we discover, encourage, and give financial assistance to exceptional talent in the regions of Armenia. To date we provide training to promising talents from Javaghk, Armavir, Kotayk, Tavush, Vayots Dzor, and Lori provinces and Artsakh. We also created and fund the award-winning Armenian Children’s Choir – Vayots Dzor, based in Yegheknadzor as well as the Zartonk International Summer Music Academy (2019).


. . . to create opportunities for students, families, and communities in need


An equally important aspect of the work of the AAF is in promoting poverty reduction, particularly in the Vayots Dzor region, through the implementation of agro-modernization programs and sustainable-development initiatives. The AAF is investing in the future of rural Armenia through the large-scale development of intensive fruit-tree orchards (we are in the process of planting 12 hectares of land) and apiculture, reinforced with training courses in modern agriculture for rural farmers. Other development projects include the development of the tourism industry and the healthcare sectors in Vayots Dzor through English language courses and hospital equipment donations.

To continue our mission, we need long-term commitments from donors. All funds collected are used to benefit the children and the local population; no deductions are made for our administrative teams.


Join our efforts by making your tax-deductible donation today. Donations are welcome from anyone, anywhere in the world, who believes in direct support for regional initiatives. Contact us for transfer details either to Canada or to Armenia. 

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