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Atlantic Wellness

Registered Name: Atlantic Wellness Community Center Incorporated

Business Number: 846554285RR0001

The Annual Giving Campaign

Campaign Ended May 28, 2019

Dear Community Member:

My name is Cierra Carleton, I am a youth mental health advocate for Atlantic Wellness. By the time my first session with them took place, I had seen many doctors, two psychologists, and one mental health nurse. I had been misdiagnosed several times. One time, I was actually told that I did not “look depressed”.

I was so lucky to find Atlantic Wellness. My experience with them has been life-saving. They helped me conquer my depression and anxiety. They have taught me many coping skills and strategies to get through any obstacles I may face. With the help of my counsellor, I am now able to overcome so much more than I ever imagined.

Atlantic Wellness relies on the support of community members like you to continue offering mental health services free of charge to youth like me. I would love to have your support in our annual giving campaign. Please keep reading to find out how you can make an impact on the lives of youth who are struggling with their mental health.

Thank you for your generous donation. As a donor, you too can save lives.  


Cierra Carleton

Atlantic Wellness Youth Mental Health Advocate

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