Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Registered Name: Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Business Number: 782780498RR0001

Our Mission

We are an agency which assists women and men facing unexpected pregnancies and post-abortion realities.  We provide education, information, caring support and give practical assistance to women and their partners as they face important decisions about their pregnancy and sexual integrity.

About Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Atwell Centre offers a place of hope, a safe place to bring their burdens and walk through their circumstances with courage and without shame. 

An unexpected pregnancy can bring a myriad of conflicting thoughts and emotions.  The timing isn’t right, the relationship may not be stable, what will people think?  Fear of the unknown and derailed plans all add to the confusion.  Atwell offers refuge to men and women whose lives have been upended to work through these voices and feelings. At Atwell Centre, we offer a place of empowerment where we believe that good information and support can lead to choices that are made free from the panic that often accompanies the news of an unintended pregnancy. 

In our Pregnancy Options Support, we help our clients examine the evidence for each option in a holistic manner. We take them through the whole range of physical, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual implications of each choice.  This is all with the goal of empowering women and their partners with information to move forward with courage, strength, and resilience. 

We welcome clients from all walks of life regardless of age, race, nationality, religious affiliation, income, lifestyle, or physical ability. Clients encounter kindness and compassion at our centre as we journey together through the difficulties they face.

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