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Hamilton Clinic Supplies

Registered Name: Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Business No: 782780498RR0001

Hamilton Clinic Supplies

Provide one month of Point-Of-Care Ultrasound and STI Supplies for the Hamilton Location.

$200 will provide one month's work of clinical supplies, allowing us to offer both Point-Of-Care Ultrasound and STI Testing.

Clinical supplies are vital in offering Point-Of-Care Ultrasound and STI Testing. Without supplies such as gloves, disinfectant, gel, needles one-on-One Support is critical for our Options Support, Pregnancy & Beyond, Post-Abortion Support or Adoption Support Programs. Without our Client Advocates, there would be no programming.

Your gift will help a woman receive the one-on-one support she needs to process and be informed of her options. Your gift enables our client advocates, to model Jesus.