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Autism Edmonton


Autism Edmonton is the oldest autism organization in the province and has been serving the Edmonton and area community since 1971. Today, Autism Edmonton continues to be the "go-to" source and the initial point of contact and provides on-going support in three key areas: community support and services, advocacy, and knowledge and education. 

A common challenge that autistic people and their families face is navigating a wealth of information with no certainty which resources they can access to assist their loved ones. When most people receive an ASD diagnosis, they have no idea what services are available. And they have no idea where or how to begin searching for supports. This is where Autism Edmonton comes in. Our team screens local educational, medical and other relevant community supports and shares this knowledge with our members. Our goal is to connect autistic individuals with the appropriate level of service, help them navigate the system, and improve their access to supports in the community. People come to us for support and information about a variety of topics and often turn to us when they are moving between different stages of life or pushed to the brink of crisis. Some people ask us to walk them through how to access community resources. Others need to share their stories and we help them to overcome difficulties through compassionate listening and other supports. Whatever their needs are, we are always there them to listen and help to find resources.      

At Autism Edmonton, we deliver life-enhancing programs which ignite the power and potential of autistic individuals. We provide programs and support services for autistic individuals during any stage of life and any stage of diagnosis. For example, we offer support groups for autistic adults, LGBTQ+ members, partners of autistic adults and their parents. Additionally, we provide respite and recreational and learning activities for different ages. We also promote positive emotional and mental health and well-being and strengthen our community by increasing understanding of autism. 


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