Autism without limits


Business Number: 883175416RR0001

AUTISME SANS LIMITES (ASL) is a charitable organization whose mission is to assist in the development and social inclusion of adults with Autism who do not suffer from intellectual deficiencies.

ASL works towards building real-world training whereby preventive and collective services are offered to autistic adults once they have left the school system. This real-world training takes place in an environment sensitive to the needs of these adults. Within this environment the autistic adults are encouraged to grow at their own rhythm in order to reach their full potential, while minimizing the isolation and mental health issues that impede their participation in society.

The concerned teachers and staff at ASL are well aware of the difficulties autistic adults face when they leave the school system. These dedicated professionals help the autistic adults develop their individual strengths and talents and guide them towards building their own independent lives. This support is essential at this time because for many autistic adults the transition from school to the work-place greatly influences the future quality of their lives.

At AUTISME SANS LIMITES we believe that autistic people are capable of taking an active role as citizens, and that they deserve a better quality of life than what society offers them today.

Autistic people have unique abilities that can benefit society, but only if we help them join with us to build a strong, inclusive society.

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