A.V.E.C. The engaged Samaritains

Registered Name: AVEC Association de Volontaires Engagés auprès de Contrevants Les Samaritains en

Business Number: 838065910RR0001

Our Mission

A.V.E.C. aims at the rehabilitation of people ex-prisonners, in therapy, in transition or in other sitiations as well as any other person in need of social reinsertion.

About A.V.E.C. The engaged Samaritains

The A.V.E.C. Association is composed of experimented volunteers operating under the name: Engaged Samaritan ("Samaritains engagés"). They work at cultivating an open mind, as they aim at helping those persons often kept away of society and who desire to rehabilitate themselves.

Yes, délinquents, contrevenents, be they, ex-prisonners or any others who which to benefit from our resources an from our support in search of a better life and a safer future for themselves ant ther close ones. The efforts provided by the "Sama-ritains engagés" should benefit then to the most in concert with the services offered by other institutions.

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