Avicenna Vision

Registered Name: Avicenna Vision

Business Number: 837723493RR0001

Our Mission

Avicenna Vision is a charitable organization that believes every individual should have access to the following basic needs: food, shelter, education, and healthcare.

We aim to provide sustainable programs and resources that alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for the impoverished, with a focus on neglected groups.

About Avicenna Vision

Avicenna Vision, a registered Canadian charity, formed in 2008, provides a platform for aspiring individuals to fight global poverty by donating time, skills and resources.

We share the visions of Nobel Laureate Dr. Mohammed Yunus and Greg Mortenson (Founder of Central Asia Institute) who believe that only compassion and desire to help is needed to eliminate global poverty.

Avicenna Vision’s approach is to:

* Provide support and financial assistance to individuals not targeted by main stream charities for access to basic needs.

* Utilize local resources to create sustainable microcredit programs that improve the quality of life within these communities.

* Provide healthcare resources to improve quality of care.

* Create a network for skilled individuals to empower impoverished communities through donating their time and skills.

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