Aya Education Fund

Registered Name: Aya Education Fund

Business Number: 813822970RR0001

The Aya Education Fund provides school exam fees and student needs for children in need in the small village of Boma Ng'ombe, Tanzania.

Many families cannot afford to feed themselves much less pay for school.  Our aim is to help these students gain an education so that they can secure job and help their families and their communities overcome poverty.

By producing the next generation of educated young adults, we are helping entire communities have access to food, water and secure housing.  Bona is a small community that relies mainly on farming and the neighbouring tourist industry of Kilimanjaro.  The residents are welcoming, kind, supportive and eager to have their youth educated.  

Please consider a donation to help these amazing students remain in school.  It truly does take a village to raise a child, and this village will all feel the positive effects of educated youth.

Thank you.

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