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Aya Education Fund

Registered Name: Aya Education Fund

Business Number: 813822970RR0001

Aya Education Fund

Campaign Ended Aug. 31, 2019

Aya Education fund has assisted Kengereka School with building a new classroom due to school expansion.

The number of students at the school has increased from 680 in 2014 to nearly 1000 this year. 

With 90 students per classroom, the school needed to build a separate classroom to accomodate this growth.

Additionally, the kitchen is less than a basic structure. The lunch for the students is simple and often the only meal the students have each day. By building a proper structure, we can help the school provide sustenance for these children.

Proper nutrition will help these students be successful in their education. With this kitchen upgrade, we can help this school provide the tools that the students need to be healthy and to graduate.

The classroom and kitchen are part of the major changes this school is in desperate need of, and by helping to create this foundation we hope to be able to set the school and the students up for the future.

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