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Dare to be Great!

Current Summer Athletes
Damien Warner
Hugo Barrette
Erica Weibe
Georgia Simmerling
Ellie Black
Michael Woods
Melissa Bishop
Mohammed Ahmed
Aaron Brown
Sarah Pavan & Melissa Humana Parades
Women's Soccer and more!
Tessa Scot and Scott Moir
Jennifer Heil
Clara Hughes
Benoit Huot
Joannie Rochette
Adam van Koeverden
Helen Upperton

And many more athletes and teams!

B2ten exists to have a significant impact on Sport & Health in Canada.  Your support is needed to help athletes compete on the international stage!

  • We believe that sport and active lifestyles are essential.
  • We contribute to building a healthy and dynamic society.
  • We promote physical literacy across Canada so that young people will acquire movement skills that will lead them towards healthy, active lives.
  • We support select amateur, para, and professional athletes and teams so that they may attain their full athletic and personal potential.

As we enter the critical period before the 2021 Games, athlete support requirements intensify, especially with the many unknown elements for training and competitions during 2020 and 2021.  

B2ten creates unique athlete training programs or expertise support based on specialized assessments.  The customized team and individual plans will provide new opportunities for Canada’s elite athletes to excel.  

Exceptional results with a long roster of athletes demonstrate that B2ten’s approach is working for Canada’s athletes. Thank you for supporting Canada's Great Kitchen Party for the benefit of Canadian athletes through B2ten's unique approach. 


4309 Montrose Ave.

Westmount, QC, H3Y 2A6