Greenwood United Church


Business Number: 118798164RR0001

Thank you for donating to Greenwood United Church. We appreciate all the support we receive for the work of our church here in Baddeck. We rely on the support of our members and friends. Our historic building is a landmark in Baddeck. We provide a home to many community groups including the Lion's Club, quilters, Caregivers Support Group, and music lessons. Our values are welcome, care, and hope. We provide welcome baskets to those who are new to the community, and we try to serve our community by responding to emerging needs.

We are also raising money for Syria to Baddeck - an effort to sponsor Syrian refugees to come to Baddeck. Please choose "Syria to Baddeck" when you make your donation, and we will make sure your donation goes to support a refugee family in Baddeck or in another Nova Scotia community. Thank you for your generosity! 

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