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Badminton is a passion for players and fans! We love our sport for all the incredible moments it provides us, and the lessons it teaches us.

Badminton is a lifetime sport that can be played and enjoyed from childhood to late in life. It helps us develop physically, mentally, and emotionally at every level of play!

You may be surprised to learn that only 15% of Badminton Canada’s funding comes from government sources. We need to self generate funds and resources to allow for our sport to grow and flourish in Canada.

We have world-class athletes and coaches in Canada. They have performed very well against top countries like China, Malaysia, Denmark, and Indonesia. One of our priorities is to help get these dedicated athletes on more podiums around the world. Our athletes have made a commitment towards the 2020 Olympic Games and beyond and now we are asking the same from you.  Please donate! 

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