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Badminton Canada was founded in 1921, with the first national championships being held in Montreal that same year.  Badminton Canada was one of nine founding members of the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation or BWF) in 1934. Badminton Canada is composed of 13 member associations representing each Canadian Province and Territory in the country.

Badminton Canada is a registered non for-profit organization which reinvests all revenues back into the sport each fiscal year and receives financial support from Sport Canada along with sponsors, donors and other funding agencies. Badminton Canada also generates revenue from sanctioned national and international events organized in Canada.

Badminton Canada offers programming for National Team Programs (Senior, Junior, Para) as well as programming in coach development, technical officials’ development, grassroots development and aboriginal sport development.

Badminton Canada estimates that over 2 million people play badminton regularly in Canada on an annual basis. These participants include recreational players as well as school sports (Primary, Secondary, University and College), along with over 10,000 players competing at sanctioned National/Provincial/Territorial events.

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