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Planned Giving


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Planned Giving

When you choose to make a gift in your will to us, your legacy will be to support social justice and the prevention and resolution of gender-based violence for future generations.

System change takes time. Supporting the Clinic with a planned gift provides us with the future funds required to keep us working, side-by-side, to persevere until women’s safety, dignity, and equality can be advanced.

The funds you commit today, for future use, will help ensure we do more than keep the lights on and provide essential services to those experiencing violence.

Your commitment will help us reach deeper into populations of women and gender-diverse people from marginalized and racialized communities experiencing violence through new and established community-based partnerships, identify service provision gaps, and translate your support into actionable projects and programs that address and resolve factors allowing gender-based violence, a global pandemic that affects one in six women worldwide, to persist.

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