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Our Mission

The Barrie Literacy Council is a volunteer, charitable, community-based organization dedicated to helping all adults in our community improve their reading, writing and math skills in a supportive environment. In keeping a student-centered approach, we offer flexible scheduling for our one-to-one (tutor/student) instruction. Adult learners who seek our assistance will receive, free of charge, full attention to the assessment of their needs, assistance in setting personal goals, appropriate instruction, and ongoing assessment of their progress.

As an organization, we work to improve our performance and secure adequate resources in order to provide the best possible learning experience for our students and to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. We network with literacy organizations and other community partners to ensure a full range of services are available and to continually improve the services we offer to our students.

The Barrie Literacy Council promotes awareness of the problems associated with low adult literacy, its impact on the community and our role in reducing adult illiteracy, through our public relations activities.


Established in 1979, the Barrie Literacy Council was formed to respond to the needs of adults who have trouble with reading, writing, and math. A charitable and volunteer organization, the Council subscribes to the philosophy of “Each One Teach One”, and does so by pairing one tutor with one student at the student’s convenience.

• Literacy is an essential skill in 21st century Ontario.

However, many people in our province do not have the

literacy skills that they need for home, work, and life. In

fact, 1 in 6 (or 15%) of Ontarians aged 16 to 65 scored

at, or below, Literacy Level 1. People scoring at this level

struggle with very serious literacy challenges, and have

trouble reading even the most basic text.1

• A further 32% of Ontarians scored at Literacy Level

2, meaning they can read, but with difficulty and will

likely have problems with basic forms and directions

encountered in everyday life such as employment or

rental agreements, medication instructions, and more

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