Big Brothers Big Sisters of Regina & Area

Registered Name: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Regina and Area Inc.

Business Number: 119113827RR0001

Our Mission

Since 1971, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Regina & Area has been making a positive difference in the lives of Regina’s youth by developing and implementing a broad range of mentoring programs for both in-school and outside of school. Serving as role models, our mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, of staying in school and of having respect for family, peers and community. Each time we pair a child with a mentor, we start something incredible. A life changing relationship built on friendship, trust, and empowerment.

A Message From Our Director

We believe every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her potential – both as individuals and as citizens. – Also, that by doing so, they will not only do well, they will also do good.

We believe that by changing the course of young lives, we can, in turn, be changing the course of our community’s future. That it could lead to a reduction in poverty and unemployment, to safer schools and neighborhoods and a renewed optimism for economic and societal growth. That it could even result in a change on a significant scale. We believe that opening a child’s eyes to what is, opens their minds to what could be.

Witnessing the transformation of a child into a confident, concerned and motivated young person is a remarkable thing. Ushering them into adulthood, seeing them grow into a successful, responsible member of the community and society at large, is even more satisfying. Proudly, it is something our staff, volunteers and donors help make happen every day, and we are very grateful for their generosity and support. We are Big Brothers Big Sisters of Regina & Area, and we believe in the value and values of mentoring.

Ash Noureldin

Executive Director

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