BC Marine Trails

Registered Name: B.C. Marine Trails Network Association

Business Number: 812142826RR0001



Stewards of the BC Coast

Environmental Stewardship: We are developing a new coastal environmental program to help guide our decisions when we create marine trails recreation sites.

Coastal Cleanups: We conduct major cleanups every year, removing toness of garbage in massive volunteer efforts targeting locations that we’ve pinpointed as the most vulnerable and abused.

Eyes and Ears: BC Marine Trails has an active Site Condition Reporting program where marine trail users are encouraged to provide feedback on locations,allowing us to oversee a vast coastal monitoring network.

Trails Development

To design and develop a marine network of access points and campsites along the entire BC Coast to ensure continued coastal access by small boats and paddlecraft into the future.That means exploring all 27,000 kilometres of British Columbia’s coastline and inventorying access points, launch sites and campsites. It’s a big job, but we’re doing it. We’ve already amassed a collection of over 3,000 locations across the coast on our map, showing approximately 30% of them. The dream is closer than ever to becoming a reality. Be a part of this huge initiative to improve public access to BC’s coastline. Join. Volunteer. Donate.


• Improve the quality of life for residents and visitors who wish to make use of British Columbia’s coastline;

• Broaden and strengthen the economic base of coastal areas through infrastructure improvements and increased tourist spending;

• Protect the natural environment by discouraging use of unauthorized shoreline accesses that would otherwise result in degradation, erosion and disturbance to habitat;

• Contribute to community health by promoting low-impact,self-propelled activity;

• Contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing air, water and noise pollution through advocacy for self-propelled travel; and

• Play a role in community and First Nations heritage by drawing attention to the natural and man-made history encompassed within the British Columbia coastline.

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