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BC Marine Trails

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South Brooks Plastics Clean Up

Campaign Ended July 31, 2019

This project will be a cleanup of shoreline and uplands area of several beaches and upland area in the South Brooks area. It is located south of the Brooks Peninsula on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The purpose of this project is to remove a large amount of plastics and debris. This area has been identified as a high concentration of plastics from the Pacific Ocean.

The effects of plastics on fish and wildlife are well documented. Plastics simply never decompose and eventually deteriorate into a microscopic soup in the ocean and/or mix with sand and soil at high tide and in the uplands area of our beautiful BC coast. Removing plastics and other debris from this area have a number of benefits:

  • If collected plastics and debris do not wash back into the ocean during the next winter storm or high tide
  • Animals, such as river otters, seals and sea lions will digest or become entangled in plastics. This has been witnessed in the news recently. Entanglement can also cause wounds.

Kayakers will be transported by water taxi to remote locations; they will travel to other sites by kayak, transporting some equipment in their small crafts. They will camp on location and collect plastics and other debris in large super sacks.We will coordinate the pickup of the bags with Ocean Legacy. Tote bags will be removed by helicopter.

The BC Marine Trails uses a project plan to guide us through the steps of this cleanup. Our team leaders are experienced, trained paddlers, who are dedicated to plastics clean up. Our volunteers receive some funds for travel. Reaching launch points requires long distance traveling on logging roads to reach the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

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