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Campaign Ends Sept. 30, 2020

Dear Friends of the BC Marine Trails

The BC Marine Trails’ Vision is to link the entire B.C. coastline through marine routes and land sites for sustainable and safe water-based public recreation. Our First Nations engagement work shows not only respect but demonstrates a sense of camaraderie and partnership. This engagement, we believe, is a necessary step building an informal network of campsites, launch sites, and day use sites for paddlers today and in the future.

The First Nation’s people were the first “marine trail” users. The same features that make sites attractive to the BCMT, its visitors and friends, were used by First Nations groups over the millenia. The first use, and the importance of many of these sites, must be recognized generally, and when engaging with First Nations, and in many cases specifically by the BCMT. The BCMT first formed the First Nations Working Group in the Spring of 2019 and then hired a First Nations liaison and public outreach officer. From November to June, 2020 we have been in discussion with at least 19 Nations. We have reached agreements with 8+ Nations to date. 

Some of our current and future financial support has diminished during the pandemic. We need help building a marine trail network for everyone. If you are able to help we would really appreciate a donation toward our goal.


Paul Grey

President BC Marine Trails

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