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Healthy By Nature

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Healthy By Nature

Help increase access to the health benefits of nature by connecting Canadians to the outdoors

In contrast to previous generations, kids today spend only 5-10 per cent of their time outside. Instead, they are averaging 7.5 hours per day in front of screens. Yet according to the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health[1], active play in nature and regular access to the outdoors is essential for healthy child development. There is increasing evidence of both the negative health impacts of screen time, and the positive health benefits of time outside. There is also ample proof that people who spend time in nature when they are young are highly likely to care for nature as adults.

Children need to trade screen time for green time as often as possible in order to be the healthiest versions of themselves. As it can be challenging for kids and families to get outside and unplugged, our unique Healthy By Nature program both raises awareness and makes it easy, fun and rewarding to get out. By working with doctors on parks prescriptions, employers on employee green time, and teachers on green homework initiatives, we will be able to significantly expand the number of people of all ages getting outside and unplugged.

- Donate $19.87 to help get four kids outside to connect to nature and better understand and enjoy its natural health benefits.

- Donate $26.51 to provide family-friendly guided activities designed for kids throughout BC to foster the next generation's connection to nature and our surrounding environment.

- Donate $52.98 to help get a school class outside to experience and discover a provincial park in order to better understand how to respect and protect it.

By supporting Healthy By Nature activities, events, campaigns and tools that get people into parks, you are helping British Columbians trade screen time for green time, creating healthier citizens and stewards for the future.

  1. [1]Source: Pan-Canadian Public Health Network, Active Outdoor Play Statement from the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health. (April 25, 2018):