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BC Parks Foundation

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Protect Princess Louisa Inlet

Campaign Ended May 7, 2020

Last summer, you did the impossible: you donated over $3 million in three months, crowdfunding parkland in Princess Louisa Inlet. You protected over 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of pristine, undeveloped, breathtaking land on B.C.'s coast, and inspired the world with your story.

An amazing opportunity has just arisen to add another large parcel of land to your Princess Louisa story.

A beautiful mountain peek, ready for protecting

The iconic One-Eye Peak and 260 hectares of surrounding pristine forest have been generously offered to us by the landowner at 60% off the market value. The landowner would like to see it become part of the park system, and we have secured an agreement to purchase it for $300,000.

But we only have until May 7th to complete the deal.

Fortunately, the generous Maple Cross Fund have already pledged $90,000. They are from Ontario and are challenging British Columbians to finish off the deal. Another $110,000 has been pledged by other Princess Louisa park angels, so we are already nearly at our goal.

That means only $100,000 is needed to secure one of the largest and most important privately-owned parcels left in Princess Louisa.

Our ask to you: Give what you can, if you can

We recognize there are a lot of requests for funds right now, and that it is a challenging time. When we raised $3 million for the first three properties, it happened because many people did what they could. So that’s all we’re asking - just do what you can, if you can.

If you succeed in purchasing this land, your love of Princess Louisa Inlet will have more than doubled its protection in less than a year. That’s a tremendous life legacy. It’s also a remarkable, positive good news story, showing the world how important it is to help protect the conditions needed for healthy life in B.C. and the world.

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. Feel free to call us at 604-343-3795 if you would like to talk, or you can give here.

Our partners

We want to thank the Princess Louisa International Society and Park Elders Society for their continued support and leadership through this project.

We want to thank every donor who helped protect Princess Louisa Inlet already.

We want to thank you. Thank you for joining us as we go on our expedition to pass on the magic of this natural treasure, forever.

Images courtesy of LandQuest Realty Corporation.

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