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Registered Name: BEAGLE PAWS INC.

Business Number: 885428003RR0001


Campaign Ended Feb. 28, 2018

Meet sweet and spunky, 12+ year old Della. This wee little 19 lb girly came into Beagle Paws' care two years ago. Della is living the good life now with her foster mom, Lee-ann, following her from room to room and soaking up every bit of attention she can get. Della may live with many other, larger beagles in her foster home but she’s the one who calls the shots! She insists on snuggles when ever she isn't enjoying her other favorite activities which include sleeping, eating, going for a walk, or for a ride in the car.

This clever little canine is able to enjoy such high quality of life today thanks to both the care of her foster mom and the medications she takes for her congestive heart failure and allergies. On top of these conditions, she is also prone to seizures and is partially deaf and blind. The list of medications she requires to keep her healthy and feisty (Vetmedin, Fortikor, Furosamide, Phenobarbitol, & Apoquel) adds over $200 a month to Beagle Paws' vet bill.

Della is such a loving dog who adores everyone she meets, howls in excitement while supper is being served, and loves to put on her winter coat to keep warm on her winter walks. Della will never be cold, lonely or hungry again but we need your financial assistance to continue to pay for her care. With your sponsorship, you will play a large role in ensuring Della has everything she needs to continue to live a beagle's dream. 

When you make your donation please specify that you would like your donation towards Della's care.  Become a monthly donor for Della and we will provide you with regular updates on her.

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