BEAR With Us Sanct. & Rehab. for Bears

Registered Name: BEAR WITH US INC

Business Number: 898978416RR0001

Our Mission

Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears

Bear With Us Mission: To promote the understanding and respect for the bear family, a species near the top of the evolutionary scale, a species in direct niche competition with the human race.

About BEAR With Us Rehab. & Sanct. for Bears

Bear With Us: Four primary areas of operation are:

1-Black Bear Rehabilitation; orphaned bear cubs and injured bears cared for and returned to the wild in a high state of health.

2-Bear Sanctuary; various species; A comfortable place to stay for permanent unreleasable bears such as ex-circus bears, zoo excess or illegal pet confiscations.

3-Education; (a)-off location slide/video presentations for groups at Provincial Parks, schools, cub and guides, other young peoples groups, nature clubs and more. (b)-comprehensive website, facebook page and a special educational facebook page for Molly Bear. (c)-one on one phone conversations and email responses to indivduals with questions regarding bears.

4-Conflict Resolution; Assisting people and bears to coexist together. Individual consultation with people about how not to encourage or discourage a nuisance bear by removing food attractants, live trapping and relocating individual bears when other potential solutions have been exhausted.

What People Are Saying

"Best mission statement I've seen in a long time. I have complete respect for what you do. I've always loved bears and always will. Bless you, Mike."

— C. Clail, Read More

"Your facility does wonders, thank you on behalf of the bears!"

— E. Lonsdale, Read More

"Thank you for taking care of our ursine friends. I'm one of those unfortunates who lives in a bear-less's definitely something missing from my life. I hope someday to buy acreage in the interior of my state so I can see black bears in my backyard."

— C. Cornelius, Read More

"Thank you Mike and everyone involved with BWU for not only taking the time out of your super-busy schedules to make and share this video but more importantly for never failing to step up for my/our bear Friends. You are truly heroes. xxx (I'm still not sure when you sleep!)"

— P. Hyrskiw, Read More

"The love and compassion of this organization is amazing! I am so grateful for the posts and information. The world is a better place with you guys in it. BIG bear hug to Bear With Us!"

— L. Novak, Read More

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