Beaverhill Bird Observatory


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Building Renewal

After more than 30 years of service, our buildings have seen better days. In order to accommodate the growing number of people who visit the observatory we need to upgrade our facilities!
Bunk Houses
As our staff has steadily grown, our two bunkhouses have become cramped. (We have five employees this summer!) Both buildings are in need of new roofs and their old OSB walls have become soft, making it easy for squirrels and other noisy guests to take up residence. The new buildings will provide the space we need to continue growing and ensure our staff get a good night’s sleep so they can be up early to greet the birds!
The lab is where we band birds and give educational presentations to school groups, Girl Guides, university students, and anyone else who stops by. The new, expanded lab will feature a much larger banding room, with better sight lines and space for educational displays.
We’re pursuing grants to cover the lab renovations, but they won't allow us to include the bunkhouses. That’s where we need your help!

$22,550 raised out of $50,000 goal

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