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Flycatcher and Shorebird Surveys


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Flycatcher and Shorebird Surveys

In 2022, Belgian student Myrthe Van Brempt conducted a study examining the breeding biology of Least Flycatchers in the Beaverhill Natural Area. By examining clutch size and nest success for local breeding pairs, she determined that the Beaverhill Natural Area has one of the most densely populated and productive breeding colonies of Least Flycatchers in North America. 

2022 also saw large flocks of migrating shorebirds returning to Beaverhill Lake for the first time in many years. Beaverhill Lake was once a 140 km2 body of water, but it dried up almost completely in 2005. Since 2017, water has returned to the lake, along with the waterfowl and shorebirds it once supported. We intend to begin transect surveys for migrating shorebirds during the 2023 field season to assess how these birds are using the dynamic habitat of Beaverhill Lake. We will also be sampling water quality in cooperation with the Alberta Lake Management Society to better understand the habitats we are monitoring.

This campaign will provide funding for additional summer staff to ensure these studies can be continued in addition to the Beaverhill Bird Observatory's other programs.