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Beth Ariel Congregation

Registered Name: Congrégation messianique Beth Ariel / Beth Ariel Messianic Congregation

Business No: 824454896RR0001

Our mission at Beth Ariel is to train up the disciple with a Jewish perspective and literal approach to the Scriptures.

Beth Ariel Congregation


The purpose for which this congregation and religious corporation exists is to glorify God by training up Jewish and Gentile believers into disciples devoted to serving Messiah Yeshua and one another. This is not limited to one day, Saturday but this accountability to one another is encouraged to be maintained throughout the week, in the spirit of fellowship and in the extending of acts of love and care for one another. This defines a true spiritual family.

Our mission at Beth Ariel is to train up the disciple with a Jewish perspective and literal approach to the Scriptures. We believe the Bible (Old and New Covenant) is the final authority and our unity of faith rests in it.

We consider ourselves inclusive in that both Jew and Gentile can worship side by side, having equal authority. We believe that Jews and Gentiles preserve their ethnic identities and therefore Jewish people have a dual identity in that they are still part of national Israel as well as part of the Body of Messiah. According to Romans 1:16, we concur with what Paul wrote, that the Gospel is to the Jew first and also to the Gentiles. Witnessing to the Jewish people is never to the exclusion of the Gentiles and therefore, we serve as witnesses to all peoples.

We value the diversity of services members can offer to the Body and the local congregation and we greatly encourage the development of each one’s ministry. Hence, the responsibility of the congregation’s leadership is to prepare the believer for such service. Counsel in discovering one’s gifts and encouragement for ministry participation is made available for each congregational member.

We value different forms of outreach, with an emphasis on Jewish evangelism. This is accomplished through radio outreach, door to door outreach in Jewish neighborhoods as well as at other events where evangelism is the focus.

We value the Messianic form of worship alongside a variety of other styles of worship. We appreciate singing in different languages as this reflects our multicultural congregation. In worship, we seek to use the Word of God as our base for truth therefore all worship must seek to lift up the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Our goal therefore, is to train up disciples, spread the Good News of Messiah Jesus, promote unity between Jew and Gentile in the Messiah, foster worship, instruction, fellowship, and accountability for believers in Messiah Yeshua.


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