Beth Donovan Hospice

Registered Name: Beth Donovan Hospice

Business Number: 896678661RR0001


Beth Donovan Hospice provides compassionate support and professional care to individuals and their families as they journey through the challenges of life-limiting illnesses and end-of-life transitions. Whether in a home or hospital setting, the experienced staff and trained volunteers of Beth Donovan Hospice give of themselves to ensure that the families receive the assistance, support and guidance they need.

Founded through the compassion and vision of generous volunteers, Beth Donovan Hospice has been providing services to the community for over 20 years in the North Grenville - Merrickville area and more recently in the communities of South Ottawa.

BDH serves all members of the community who have any life limiting illness; a terminal diagnosis is not the exclusive criterion. Medical care is not offered by Beth Donovan Hospice; however, we do attempt to co-ordinate our services with those offered by other agencies so that clients receive the maximum benefits.

Our Mission

Bringing hope and healing to the community through compassionate support and end of life care.


Embracing Life.

Our services are as follows:


Day Hospice:

The Day Program is offered to an intimate group of clients with a life limiting illness. Run by a Register Nurse and a dedicated hospice volunteer team, it is a day away in a home-like setting, where clients will find rest and relaxation, supportive relationships, and therapeutic value. Day Hospice hosts various activities each week, which can include Arts & Crafts, Massage and Reflexology Therapies, Musicians, Card Games, Spa days, a homemade lunch and transportation for those who require it. 

Home Visiting:

Volunteers provide emotional support and companionship for clients while offering respite to family members in a setting of their choice. Our professionally trained Volunteer and Client Services Coordinator visits new clients in their home to determine their needs and the appropriate level of support required. Volunteers can share in activities such as going on walks and outings, reading books together, card games, reminiscing, sharing hobbies and interests, and more.

All in-home volunteers receive 30 hours of accredited Hospice Palliative Care Ontario training from the Beth Donovan Hospice, are screened with a police records check, and are offered continued support from our Volunteer Coordinator.

Grief Counselling

Grief is a natural, universal reaction to the loss of someone you care about, yet what you experience as grief is itself highly personal and unique to you. It can involve many different distressing experiences, including a roller coaster of emotions, a lack of concentration, difficulty focusing and remembering, physical sensations such as a tightness in the throat, fatigue, and an overarching sense of loneliness. And no wonder, for you have not just lost your loved one, but also all the different roles that they played in your life: mentor, confidant, parent, etc.

It is for this reason and more that receiving support is so important in coping with grief. Research tells us that when we feel supported it facilitates healing in the grief process. This is why here at Beth Donovan Hospice, we aim to provide several different ways that you can receive support: Individual, Couple, & Family Counselling, Spiritual Care, Peer Support, Support Groups, and a Lending Library. Which service you access depends on your level of need and comfort, and so feel free to look at each resource in turn to see what is available. 

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Program offers spiritual support for families and clients at Beth Donovan Hospice; one of our exceptional volunteers, Pastor Dan Massey, heads this program. The Spiritual Care Team meets five times a year for discussions on issues of Spiritual Care for the dying and bereaved. The team consists of volunteers from across our programs, including our Grief & Bereavement Counsellor. The team has been discovering different aspects of the needs of palliative clients and how they relate to Spiritual Care.

Spiritual Care offers one on one visits with clients who have questions surrounding spirituality. Facing a life-limiting illness or a loss can cause us to re-examine our values, purpose, and the overall meaning of our lives. Spiritual Care aims to provide a space in which a person’s spirituality can become a greater resource for them through this significant life transition and for addressing these questions. Whether it be in home, hospital, or day hospice, the team provides a warm and calming presence when working with clients and their families facing life-limiting illness. Pastor Dan also conducts seasonal workshops for bereaved persons in partnership with our Grief Counsellor.

Equipment Lending

Our Equipment Lending Program provides transfer wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, bath chairs, raised toilet seats etc. for clients to ensure their safety, comfort, and to support them to remain at home.

What People Are Saying

"When I lost my mother & mother-in-law, the care they received meant the world to us. When it comes to end-of-life, we can’t fix the situation or alter the course, but we can make the journey a little better along the way. To ‘make the best day possible’ for clients and their families, that’s my hope"

— Daryl Webber, Home-Visiting Volunteer, Read More

"I can say without a sliver of doubt that without all the people and on-going mental health support for me as a caregiver from everyone at BDH not only would Joanie not have been able to come home, she would not have experienced the full-on ‘LIVING’ in the short time she had once home."

— Client, Read More

"'Thank you’ just seems inadequate for the people that are BDH as an organization. You not only gave Joanie a chance for dignity and respect but you gave her, myself and the kids the greatest gift of all; your support granted her wish to live her final moments at home surrounded by love and laughter."

— Client, Read More

"For us, to have the hospice volunteer come in every week was a godsend; she was so warm and joyful, and truly paid attention to the particulars of our family. She learned that my sister enjoyed mystery stories so began a story which they shared each week, both looking forward to the next chapter."

— Client, Read More

"I can’t thank the hospice enough for all their help, concern and mostly professionalism they showed in sorting out Grandma’s dilemma. It’s people like you that make our community a great place to live."

— Client, Read More

"Thank you for all the wonderful weeks. ‘Hospice day’ is a highlight! Thank you as well to all the volunteers – they add so much to our day out!"

— Client, Read More

"I needed assistive devices in the home and had no idea how or where I was going to find them let alone the funds. Once again there they were, “What do you need, let’s check and see what we have”; Raised toilet seat, bed rail, wedge pillow, and volunteer driver they were there every step."

— Client, Read More

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