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Our Mission

We the Congregation of Beth Ezekiel Synagogue, recognizing the unique qualities of this organization, seek to carry out our activities in the context of the following underlying truths:

• Beth Ezekiel serves a large geographic area.

• Beth Ezekiel offers the only reasonably accessible venue for communal religious observance, education, and cultural activities available to most of the Jewish population of Grey and Bruce Counties.

• Beth Ezekiel is the only representation of Jewish faith and culture at a local level.

We further recognize that, due to these unique demographic and geographic circumstances, turning a Jew away from our community, either by deed or by omission or by offence, may be substantively the same as denying him or her the opportunity to participate in communal Jewish life.

Therefore, within the parameters set out in our Bylaws, we accept certain responsibilities that are considered to be fundamental to our mission. Specifically, Beth Ezekiel Congregation will endeavour to be a caring, supportive, and inclusive community where respect for the individual is afforded the highest value, and where the wishes and interests of every member are given due consideration.


Among the last small-town synagogues in Canada, Beth Ezekiel offers the warmth and charm of a home-town shul with the energy and vitality of a progressive congregation. Our membership runs a Hebrew school, holds services, and hosts festival celebrations and social activities throughout the year. We have enjoyed unprecedented success in recent years, initiating programs and activities that have quadrupled our membership, and won the respect of our friends and neighbours in Owen Sound, as well as from small Jewish communities across Canada.

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