Beth Israel Synagogue, Peterborough ON


Business Number: 118806777RR0001

Beth Israel Congregation serves as the spiritual centre for the Jewish Community of Peterborough Ontario.  Ours is an unaffiliated egalitarian community where both men and women participate equally in all aspects of Jewish observance in a warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that also respects our traditions.  The community holds High Holy Day services, as well as services for various Jewish religious holidays throughout the year.  The synagogue is also the venue where a number of social events aimed at Jews in Peterborough or multi-faith groups or the broader community are held each year.  In addition, the synagogue hosts the Jewish Community Centre and makes meeting spaces available to the general public in Peterborough on a non-profit basis.

Your support makes it possible for this community to continue to keep up its beautiful synagogue and its function as the centre of Jewish life in Peterborough while also providing a meeting place and resource for other faith and interest groups in Peterborough.

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