Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton


Business Number: 129380291RR0001


Our Mission is to advocate on behalf of adults with developmental disabilities and provide appropriate supports. This includes making services available in the community and in a home which honors Jewish cultural and religious traditions. While encouraging integration of residents into both the Jewish and broader Hamilton communities.


People with a disability have equitable opportunity to participate in community life.

Our Services

What makes Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton unique is our emphasis on providing person centered programming for individuals. In a multi-cultural community, Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton continues to provide services to individuals with the focus on the individual’s culture, religion and history. This encourages individuals to develop spiritually and grow to feel a connection and sense of belonging to their roots, culture and community. There is no requirements for individual’s accessing our services to be Jewish. It is essential to keep in mind that because we are a faith based agency, we recognize the importance of helping individuals of all faiths touch base with their roots, culture and heritage. Therefore, our support staff continuously do their part in assisting individuals of all faiths and cultures to connect with their heritage. As stated previously, our services are based on the individual’s goals. Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton offers a variety of residential services to individuals over the age of 18. Options include group home living, supported independent living and respite Services.

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