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Better Futures For Kids Foundation

Registered Name: Better Futures For Kids Foundation

Business No: 789926516RR0001

Better Futures For Kids Foundation


Dear Our Valued Donors and Supporters,

Better Futures For Kids Foundation is a registered charitable organization based in Ontario, Canada, as of February 15 2019.

We strive to raise awareness of and battle against global human trafficking,  and nurture better chances at lives for underprivileged children in Vietnam. Your support goes toward:


100% of your contributions go toward establishing a more viable future for the children: bare necessities and education. Without grocery, families fall prone to empty promises of human traffickers in exchange for quick cash to get through the day. Without education, the children and families are at long term disadvantages in life and could never leave the poverty cycle.


We work closely with anti-abuse and anti-human-trafficking organizations such as One Body Village to help human trafficking survivors re-assimilate to society. 

By joining our journey, you are extending your helping hand to those in need who are half the globe away from you but always remember of you and your big heart, who most likely would not understand your motives for helping them but always keep you in their prayers, who would have no mean to pay you back but will pay it forward by getting through school, make their own living and help those in need.

Together, we can create opportunities for children at risk!


250 Yonge Street


Toronto, ON, M5B 2L7

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