Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pictou County


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We believe in the value and values of mentoring. Studies show that mentoring helps kids stay in school, avoid risky behaviour such as bullying, and grow up having more respect for family, peers and community. 

For 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been making a meaningful difference in the lives of at-risk boys and girls through our organization's well-known and highly respected community-based mentoring programs.

Serving as role models, Big Brothers and Big Sisters teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, of staying in school, and of having respect for family, peers and community.

Witnessing the transformation of a child into a confident, concerned and motivated young person is a remarkable thing. Ushering them into adulthood, seeing them grow into a successful, responsible member of their community and society at large can be even more satisfying.

For both Big and Little, the mentoring experience becomes a life-changing relationship built on friendship, trust and empowerment.

Find out more about our various programs by reviewing the links to your left or by contacting your local Big Brothers Big Sisters for more details about which programs are available in your community.

What People Are Saying

"I bet if everyone had a Big Brothers or Big Sister it would change their life forever.""

— Skye, Little Sister age 11

"Vernon and I started out as friends and grew to be family. He has taught me so much, more than he will ever know.""

— Jordan, Little Brother age 16

"We want to match all our children who need a mentor. Two years is too long to wait for a Big Brother. Don't you think?""

— Margie Grant-Walsh, Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters P.C.

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