Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince Edward Island


Business Number: 118808641RR0001

Big Brothers Big Sisters makes a difference in our community by providing children in need with one-to-one mentoring services that are proven to help kids stay in school, avoid risky behavior such as bullying, and grow up to be more civic-minded adults

We believe changing the course of young lives can change our community’s future.  Every time we pair a child with a mentor, we start something incredible – a life-changing relationship built on friendship, trust and empowerment. These relationships inspire and empower children to reach their full potential both as individuals and as citizens.

By donating or volunteering, you can help local kids today and make our community stronger for tomorrow. Imagine who they will become because of you!

If you are participating in Bowl for Kids Sake or you would like to sponsor a bowler or team, please go to our Bowl for Kids Sake 2019 site

What People Are Saying

"Thank you Big Brothers and Big Sisters, for giving me this magical, forever lasting friendship! "

— Catherine, former Little Sister, Read More

"If anyone ever asked me what I thought about Big Brothers Big Sisters, I would definitely say that it is worth putting your kid(s) in it. You will love the stories that your kid(s) come home with."

— Dana, Parent of a Little Brother, Read More

"I couldn't ask for a better little sister and I am so proud of the girl she has become today. Thank you BBBSPEI for giving me the little sister I always wanted."

— Rachel, Big Sister, Read More

"We will always look back on our time as a “Big Couple” as a very meaningful and enjoyable experience"

— Matt & Stephanie, Big Couple, Read More

"If anyone out there is considering signing up to be a mentor I would strongly recommend just going for it. Don’t think about it…do it!"

— Zoey, In-School Mentor, Read More

"You just never know when things which may seem insignificant can have a big impact on someone. "

— Deryl, Big Brother, Read More

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