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Registered Name: Big On Beagles Rescue

Business No: 856968458RR0001


Little Donald came to us in February. His owner surrendered him to a shelter for euthanasia due to old age and health issues. But the shelter vet wasn't convinced it was the end of the road for Donald (aka Mac).

They were right. Ever since we gathered him up from our friends at the Quinte Humane Society, we've been addressing those health concerns and ruling out some along the way. But we've been worried about Donald nonetheless because throughout the process, he hasn't had the appetite of a beagle. He sleeps a lot and turns up his nose at so many tasty meals Catherine has offered him.

We knew something wasn't right and we were not about to give up on this sweet boy who loves to follow Catherine to the kitchen and inspect the fridge with her.

Fortunately, we were able to rule out Kidney Disease and Lepto, but poor Donald did test positive for Lyme Disease which can certainly be an ongoing struggle and possibly affect his appetite. But even after the customary course of antibiotics for Lyme Disease, Donald still wasn't eating.

That's when he went in for an ultrasound. And the results broke our hearts.

Donald has a mass on his spleen.

There's a 50% chance of it being malignant. He needs to undergo a splenectomy immediately.

Donald has his surgery on Thursday, April 20th.

So far, the diagnostic costs have climbed to $1500 and the splenectomy will be another $1500. If only these were all the medical costs we're currently facing. But there are many right now. Theda also had an ultrasound and diagnostics amounting to over $1600. And all the medical support provided to Bobby before his passing soared to an overwhelming $7000+. It's been a most challenging year so far. 

While we're looking forward to hosting our 8th Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALK at Slobberfest on June 17th, we need to top up our funding sooner than later. 

Please consider a special donation for Donald. It will be making a difference for him and for all the beagles in our care and those yet to come. 

Thank you from the bottom of our beagle-loving hearts. And thank you on behalf of Donald (Mac). Together, we've got his back. And maybe, just maybe, he'll do more than INSPECT the fridge before too long!