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We'll howl again...

We haven't just reached our goal. We've surpassed it!!!

There are no words good enough to thank you. You are saving this little beagle repair shop in the middle of a Pandemic. Putting aside your own challenges to help us with ours. Bless you all.

We truly thought $20,000 was beyond our reach right now, at such a difficult time for everyone. But look at what we've raised so far! If we receive any further donations before the end of this campaign at midnight on June 30th, you'll hear our howls of joy no matter how far away! Because, we can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that every single heartfelt gift matters right now. The more funding we raise, the more beagles we can save in the challenging months ahead. There will be no life-saving surgery too costly. We will continue to do everything and anything for the love of these deserving beagles. So please, you may see that we well surpassed our Goal, BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR GIFT. We would be thrilled to raise more. Maybe even $30,000, dare to dream! Please help us reach that lofty goal!

We just learned that Socrates may need cruciate ligament surgery which is an extremely costly procedure. Every gift above our original goal, makes it possible to face this unexpected cost without fear.

The word Thank You, it has a lot more meaning behind it than the word itself can express. We are thanking you for saving the lives of so many beagles. But not just saving them. You're helping us to bring joy back to their howl and a wag back to their tail. You've done so much more than save them.  

Special thanks goes out to our Anonymous Supporter who matched gifts received up to $5000! But she couldn't have done that without all the donations that have poured in for her to match! And to those who supported our friend Tina with her Cupcake Campaign that raised $1500! And to those who supported Jem & Shirley for Blaze & May-Bea's WALK for our beagles! And the rest of you who sent in donations regardless of size! Together, we've performed a miracle for our beagles.  

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


We've been so brave. We're experiencing something we've never experienced before. It's shaken us to our core. And when it's over, it will be like walking out to the aftermath of a massive tornado.

But we're a hearty breed, us humans. We'll pick up the pieces. We'll re-build our lives and our world. 

And as we do, we'll stand in awe of the goodness that surrounds us. Of those who continue to play on, like the string quartet on the Titanic. Those who do their best to help calm everyone in these troubled waters.

In the worst of times, we witness great things. Against all odds, it shines through. Our humanity. Our compassion. Our determination.

We have never been more TOGETHER than now. All across this world.

Still, it's very difficult to ask for help. Like the rest of the amazing charitable organizations out there, we know that our supporters are carrying their own worrisome loads right now. We love and appreciate you so much. The last thing we want to do is add to your troubles. So if all you can do at this moment is cheer us on, we'll take it. Just knowing you're thinking of us means a lot. But if you can help us, even just a little, we might all be amazed at what happens.

Upcoming fundraising events have been cancelled and we are in the midst of the most costly year in our history. Last year, our expenses (mostly veterinary) totaled just over $50,000 for the ENTIRE year. This year so far, as of the end of April, we have already incurred over $40,000. In the last week of April alone, we've had two emergency surgeries for Adagio and Poppy. And we have 3 to 4 surgeries lined up for May.

But you know it and we know it, these deserving beagles are worth every bit of worry and struggle.

With 25 special needs beagles in our current care, we really need a lifeboat. 

We are so fortunate to have so many incredible supporters. If everyone were to send just a small gift, we'd have that lifeboat in no time. 

We'll howl again. Don't know where. Don't know when. But I know we'll howl again some sunny day. So keep smiling through just like you always do until the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away.

$27,239 raised out of $20,000 goal

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