Bikes Without Borders

Registered Name: Bikes Without Borders / Bicyclettes sans frontieres

Business Number: 856913298RR0001

Our Mission

Bikes Without Borders is a federally-registered charity using bikes, and bike-related solutions, as tools for development in marginalized communities around the world. We believe in the bicycle as a means of increasing access to vital health services, economic opportunity, educational empowerment and independence.

A bicycle can get a child to school, a mother to a clean well, a sick person to a new clinic in half the time; a bicycle can help a healthcare worker deliver more vaccines in less time, allow an entrepreneur to grow a small business and give a child the childhood they deserve.  At BWB we give bicycles to the people that need them and work with organizations through supportive partnerships to allow them ensure they can reach as many people as possible. We are one important piece in a complex system that changes lives for the better and builds healthier communities.

We know that there are ways of empowering individuals and developing communities that cost those who give very little and mean the world to those who receive. We want to be one way that that exchange can take place. 

What People Are Saying

"Having traveled to many countries around the world, I’ve seen firsthand the impact a bicycle can have on a farmer, a community health worker, a teacher, and a school-aged child. Bicycles give their owners mobility, access and empowerment. It’s not hyperbole to say that bicycles can change the world."

— Mike Brcic, Board Chair, BWB

" It takes only a few moments of compassionate contemplation to realize we are not all that dissimilar to a healthcare worker in Africa or a child growing up in an underserved neighbourhood. The bicycle is a universal tool that can be used in the broadest of ways yet reminds us we are all the same."

— Kelsey Abbott, Director Operations, BWB

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