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Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario

Registered Name: Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario

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Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario


Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario (BECO) uses ecological research to advance the conservation of birds and their habitats in Ontario. We strive to address key knowledge gaps that currently hinder efficient and effective conservation of wild bird populations.

Our programs:

1. Birds at risk in agricultural landscapes

We fill knowledge gaps and identify strategies to support the conservation of birds that nest in grasslands. Grassland birds are experiencing the steepest population declines among groups of birds in North America. Engaging the agricultural community is essential for habitat protection because most breeding habitat for grassland birds occurs on farmland.

2. Distribution, abundance, and productivity of birds at risk

We collect and analyze data necessary for understanding the conservation status of species at risk and for planning conservation actions. For many species, basic knowledge gaps exist, such as where habitat occurs, the population distribution, and demography. Filling these knowledge gaps is essential for effective conservation.

Since forming in 2013, BECO has completed numerous projects to support the conservation of at-risk bird species in Ontario by addressing a range of knowledge gaps and research questions. Our projects have focused on improving knowledge for conservation of barn swallow, Louisiana waterthrush, cerulean warbler, common nighthawk, prairie warbler, bobolink, and eastern meadowlark.


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