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Our Mission

Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery is a Canadian Theravada Buddhist monastery following the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah. Also known by its ancient Pali name, 'Sitavana' (translated as 'cool forest grove'), the monastery is located in the tranquil and secluded forests of British Columbia's interior region, approximately 40 kilometres south of Kamloops. Under the guidance of its founding Abbot and spiritual leader, Venerable Ajahn Sona, the monastery provides a peaceful refuge for monastics and lay people seeking to deepen their practice of the Buddha's teachings.

Birken is supported solely through the ancient tradition of 'dana' (generosity), in the form of monetary and material donations as well as voluntary labour. Generosity is a quality of the heart which the Buddha greatly encouraged for its benefits to the giver in this life and beyond. Unless they are clearly invited to do so, monastics may not ask for anything directly. Practically speaking, donations supply everything from food, soap and stamps, to generator fuel, building costs and insurance. They enable the monastics to continue their work of training in, and sharing, the Dhamma, and support resident stewards who offer their services freely. The facility and its resident monastics have no outside means of support. Monthly or quarterly donations are especially appreciated, as the regularity helps to stabilize our financial operations. Anumodana for your generous intention to support the monastery - we rejoice in your good merit!

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