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Bladder Cancer Canada

Registered Name: Bladder Cancer Canada

Business Number: 836126060RR0001

New Discovery in the Fight Against Bladder Cancer

Campaign Ended Jan. 15, 2019

With you at our side, we’ll continue to fund research which pursues the diagnosis, treatment, and elimination of bladder cancer.

As you may know, treatment options for bladder cancer are very limited and haven’t changed much in over 20 years. New discoveries are showing promise, but further innovations to improve cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment are needed now.

 Here are four reasons why your gift to Bladder Cancer Canada is vital to our research:

  • Bladder cancer is the 5th most common cancer in Canada, but ranks only 19th among the top 24 types of cancer receiving research funding
  • Over 80,000 Canadians are living with or have survived bladder cancer
  • Almost 9,000 Canadians are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year, and
  • 60%-70% of non-muscle invasive bladder cancers – the most common form – recur

Please keep our patient support strong, raise awareness, and help fund critical research into the disease.

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