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Our Mission

The mission of Blissymoblics Communication International is to enhance the quality of life of nonspeaking individuals by improving their opportunities for communication, education, vocation, socializing and personal advocacy.

The Mission statement of Blissymbolics Learning Centre - Muskoka is as follows:

To help persons who are non-speaking develop their communication and literacy using the capabilities of the language of Blissymbolics and supporting technology to achieve their full potential by:

Providing individualized in residence and distance educational programs

Serving as a model in providing services to persons who are non-speaking

Helping family members, care givers and others improve their communications with persons who are non-speaking

Creating awareness of the accomplishments of persons who are non-speaking and of their service, support and funding requirements.

Fostering respect and encouraging personal gowth for each individual involved with the Blissymbolics Learning Centre-Muskoka


Blissymbolics Communication International (BCI) is a non-profit, charitable organization that has the perpetual, worldwide, exclusive license for the use and publication of Blissymbols for persons with communication, language, and learning difficulties. BCI provides leadership world-wide to the development of the system of Blissymbolics and to its use by persons with severe speech and physical impairments.

For over three decades, Blissymbols have been used by those who cannot speak. This special way of communicating had its start in Ontario and from there went around the world to over 33 countries.

Of those for whom Blissymbolics is their first language, some still use Bliss, others have moved to print. Many now use voice output communication devices. As their first language, Bliss can still help them as they continue to develop their communication, literacy and technology skills. In response to these needs, BCI established the Blissymbolics Learning Centre – Muskoka (BLC) in 2002.

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