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Blomidon Naturalists Society


A long-standing naturalist group based in the eastern Annapolis Valley, the Blomidon Naturalists Society exists to encourage and develop understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of nature in its members and the interested public. The Blomidon Naturalists Society is organized under the Society’s Act of Nova Scotia and began in March 1974. Since then, it has grown in membership to 200 individual and family memberships, and a larger network of supporters and participants.

The BNS is a field naturalist group, but also a growing network for nature education, connection, and advocacy. We are increasingly investing significant time, finances, and development work into engaging diverse audiences, promoting climate literacy and action, addressing reconciliation, including youth, and inspiring environmental discussion and leadership. The BNS is a registered charity and has conservation easement status with the province of Nova Scotia.

The primary purpose of the BNS is to share and facilitate collaborative knowledge sharing about nature, to develop an appreciation for nature, to advocate for its conservation and protection, and to inspire love and wonder for the natural world in all people. As per our strategic plan we strive to provide a space for education, citizen science and conservation projects, and we are working to become more equitable and inclusive, all while remaining fiscally responsible and organized. The BNS welcomes everyone who is curious and wants to learn about the natural world.


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