Blood Ties Four Directions


Business Number: 136052834RR0001

Our mission is to eliminate barriers and create opportunities for people to have equal access to health & wellness and to live in our community with dignity. We serve all communities in Yukon.

Our Values:1. We believe a community is diminished when people who need health and wellness are marginalized.2. We believe in equitable delivery and availability of health services.3. We believe that people who use drugs, people who are challenged with stigmatizing health conditions, people who are incarcerated and people who are insecurely housed are especially at risk for not having equal access to health & wellness and a life in our community with dignity.4. We believe in the power of Yukon’s cultural diversity and the richness of its First Nation, Inuit and Metis tradition and roots.

We work in 4 key strategic areas to improve the health of our community:

1. Education, Prevention and Capacity Building

2. Supporting Vulnerable Populations: people living with HIV or HepC, people who are using illicit drugs, people who are precariously housed or homeless, people who are engaged in risky sexual practices, and people who are incarcerated.

3. Harm Reduction Programs including needle exchange, safer crack kit programs and drug user support groups

4. Housing programs for vulnerable populations

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