Blue Door Soup Kitchen


Business Number: 858635808RR0001

Our Mission

To offer hospitality as well as a hot and nourishing meal to anyone in need without questioning or judging.

About Blue Door Soup Kitchen

The Blue Door Soup Kitchen was founded in 1982 by Kaireen and Roger Crichton in Sudbury, Ontario, in response to major layoffs at a local mine.

This organization provides a free meal to 300 to 350 persons of all ages, each weekday.

The Blue Door Soup Kitchen relies on three employees and many volunteers. Meals are prepared daily. Twice a week a warm meal is served: pasta, chicken, sausages, etc.; the remaining days soup and sandwiches are available. Meals are accompanied by a dessert, as well as, tea, coffee, and milk. Fresh fruit and salads are also served when available.

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