Bluemouth Inc. Presents

Registered Name: Bluemouth Inc. Presents

Business Number: 864519848RR0001

Our Mission

ground-breaking and immersive performance for adventurous audiences in alternative spaces

About Bluemouth Inc. Presents

Formed in 1998, bluemouth inc. is a Canadian not-for-profit performance collective that creates original, dynamic and immersive performance events for audiences in alternative spaces. Its four core members are trained in various artistic disciplines and are brought together by a common vision of sharing their different experiences and forging a new language.

The artistic mandate of any bluemouth project is to collectively create performance that marries choreographed movement, text, dialogue, sound design, original live music, video and film to create a cohesive, multi-sensory experience. The various themes of our performances are multi-layered and strive to be a relevant and vital witness to our time.

bluemouth inc. invites the audience to venture through a unique theatrical experience, moving through a blizzard of iconic moments and actions. Our growing audience has discovered that whatever the show, there will always be a surprise.

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