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Grow BB Camp Capital Campaign

Campaign Ended Nov. 30, 2018

BB Camp recently purchased 30 acres of Town Island. This is a great accomplishment for our camp and community. Planning for the future by investing in this piece of land will help us maintain and grow the camp that we all know and love. This is your opportunity to get involved and enrich the lives of campers for generations to come.

Over the past 20 years we have expanded our staff significantly, but very little has been invested into the infrastructure of the camp. At the heart of BB Camp is an outgoing and dedicated staff team, a team that we aim to increase by more than 20 per cent over the next five years. Now is a pivotal time to get involved in growing the future of the BB Camp.

The redevelopment plan involves making meaningful improvements that will help us grow while preserving the character of the camp.

The redevelopment plan includes:

  • Purchasing 30 acres of Town Island (recently accomplished)
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure
  • Constructing new residential and program buildings 

Key to improving the land, the redevelopment plan is based around four fundamental principles to ensure its success:

Sustaining the connection with the lake – Our waters are a crucial part of the natural setting of camp. The history and experiences revolve around Lake of the Woods, yet the camp has little visual contact with the lake. The redevelopment plan will draw more attention to the lake, making it a focal point while respecting the view and protecting the shoreline. 

Celebrating the wilderness and camp traditions – Our trees are just as important as the buildings that surround them. The pathways that run through the site give the camp the feeling of freedom and adventure. Let’s celebrate what we already have. 

Supporting core programs – Encouraging growth is an important part of a successful camp for years to come. The infrastructure needs to support the main programs at camp, including canoeing, out-tripping and wilderness skills, water activities, athletics and the creative arts. This also includes day camp, which is extremely popular and a strong revenue generator.

Enhancing efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and appeal Creating facilities that support transportation, facility maintenance and accommodating larger groups will contribute to the long-term sustainability and growth of the camp. We as a community need to ensure the expansion is environmentally sustainable and respects and preserves the land’s natural habitat.  

Consider a significant investment in BB Camp’s future. Your donation makes a difference to the Jewish community and in growing our future.

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